Extraction and Immediate Bonded Bridge

A photo essay Patient F presented to the office for her 6-month Re-care appointment, when it was noticed that # 24 had a facially draining abscess. Radiograph below shows mandibular anterior teeth with extensive bone loss with periapical lesion on # 24. Treatment option discussed included coronal splinting with or without RCT. Given the advanced state of bone loss of... read more »

Anterior Composite Repair – 7 Year Follow Up – A Photo Essay

In 2009 the patient fell off his bike and resulting trauma is what he presented to the office with:   Pre op 2009 Incisal damage of # 7, Fractured Distoincisal corner with pinpoint pulp exposure and incisal edge chipped on # 9. I have always wondered, that skilled as we might be to work magic with the modern day dental... read more »

Compensating Extreme Occlusal Wear With Composites – A Photo Essay

    Male patient in late 40s with extreme wear and awareness of habit of heavy teeth grinding. The patient is interested in repairing the damage but does not have the financial resources to take on this large a reconstruction all at once. I am uncertain and unsure of what I can place in his mouth that he will not... read more »


Sugar, Teeth and Health

Sugars in food has been used since the earliest days of our civilizations. It is said that the technique of crystallizing sugar from sugarcane juice was developed in India around 350 BC. It then spread through trade to the rest of the world. The word sugar is a variation of the Indo-Arabic Word ‘shakhar”. If sugar has been around this long... read more »


Occlusal (Mouth) Guards – Designing Criteria

As dentists we have to diagnose for and make mouth guards for patients for the purpose of defeating the habit of teeth grinding or clenching. Yet in most dental practices the design of this occlusal device is usually determined largely by the efficacy of the dental lab the office works with, in making a device that requires minimal chair time... read more »

Unaesthetic Front Tooth – Conservative Treatment Option

Every once in a while we have to deal with an infrequent but annoying problem. Of a discolored front tooth. Anywhere else in the mouth this subtle but slowly progressing change would have been ignored or worse remained undiagnosed until symptoms appear. Being the teeth in the front and in the smile framework it is essentially a problem with esthetic... read more »

Retirement Dental Planning

This essay was the result of a conversation with a patient facing imminent retirement. His request was simple: to create a plan with long term prognosis of teeth and gums in mind and to do the needful to prepare him for a trouble free retirement. Most people begin the process of planning for their retirement years sometime during employment and... read more »