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Go Wireless! We do orthodontic treatment using INVISALIGN system. Most treatment phases last any where from 7 to 15 months on an average. For more information please look up www.invisalign.com.

Early children's orthodontic treatment and traditional braces. Cost of Orthodontic treatment can be as low as $ 2000.00.


Cosmetic Dentistry with emphasis on Functional Harmony.

Esthetic enhancements of smile line teeth with porcelain veneers, in some instances with minimal or no tooth reduction. Teeth whitening-in office and at home. WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL SERVICES:

  • Bite analysis and establishing functional stability
  • Headache prevention, night time grinding treatment www.headacheprevention.com
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath) diagnosis and treatment
  • Fillings - white (resin or porcelain) or gold
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Porcelain veneers (Smile Enhancement)
  • Bleaching (Take home and at office Whitening Procedures)
  • Implants (In association with our Periodontist)
  • Root canals
  • Oral surgery in some cases
  • Dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Same-day denture repairs in most instances
  • Night Guards and Atheletic Mouth Guards

We also have a team of dental specialists who we call upon as needed. Our periodontal (gum) specialist provides non-surgical and surgical gum treatment as well as implant dentistry.


We very actively screen patients for Gum disease. Since it has been estimated that about 70-80% of the population has some form of gum disease we make it a priority to examine and co- diagnose with the patient their gum status. We have put together different treatment protocols for the disease treatment based upon the severity and they are non surgical protocols. We recommend use of rotary tooth brush like ROTODENT (www.prodentec.com/Product_RotaDent.asp).
We are licensed to treat using FDA approved PERIOPROTECT SYSTEM (www.perioprotect.com). This is an exciting new method of non surgically treating GUM DISEASE with the use of trays specifically designed to deliver medication to the gum .
In extreme cases we will involve a Periodontist to help with the managment .


We follow the guidelines mandated by the American Dental Association regarding infection control and sterilization. Our instruments go through a thorough cycle of hand washing followed by ultrasonic cleaning in a chemical sterilization bath before being autoclaved. Our sterilization autoclave is monthly tested for effectiveness byspore testing which is done through the University of Southern California testing services. I

In the recent times there has been a lot of publicity given to the cleanliness of the waterlines in the dental units. To address all such concerns we have installed separate Water Reservoir Systems for each of the Operatories. This allows us to supply distilled water with an antibacterial ingredient to the units. Additionally the waterlines are routinely flushed with antibacterial solutions.


  • Free parking
  • Senior citizen Discount
  • We accept most insurances
  • Early morning and Late evening and Saturday Appointments available)

We accept cash, personal check or Visa,Mastercard and Discover cards

We also offer 10% senior discount on our regular fees

For treatment amounts over $300.00,please inquire about the possibilty of an extended payment plan.Please call if you have any questions.

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