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Jai R. Kakanar, DDS

5/5         181 Reviews

Verified Patient Reviews

C. V. (Verified Patient)         Sep 18, 2019

Highly recommend Dr. Kakanar for your dental care.

C. V. (Verified Patient)         Jul 18, 2019


A. C. (Verified Patient)         Jul 09, 2019

Dr Kakanar is very professional. I have been with Dr Kakanar for over 20 years. He is vey thorough, efficient and gentle. He cares about his patients.

J. M. (Verified Patient)         Jun 05, 2019

Amazing dentist! Great at communicating what work needs to be done and the costs involved. Super patient with my fear of needles and explained everything he was doing through the whole process. His assistant was amazing too! She kept checking in and communicating what was happening. I am definitely now going to be a regular patient.

J. M. (Verified Patient)         May 31, 2019

Great experience. Thx! Although i do wish I understood the billing part more.

R. S. (Verified Patient)         May 11, 2019

Friendly work environment... Dr. Jai R. Kakanar knew what he was doing and is a great dentist I’ll know I’ll be back if I get any more problems

R. D. (Verified Patient)         May 02, 2019

Dr. K is the best. He saved my teeth. I have bad gums. He got me to recognize the problem and together we worked to fix it. He's been my dentist for 14 years.

P. P. (Verified Patient)         Apr 23, 2019

Always prompt and professional. Been a patient for 20 years. Highly recommend

A. K. (Verified Patient)        Apr 03, 2019

Very Professional and nice people

B. W. (Verified Patient)         Apr 01, 2019

Good visit as always.

T. M. (Verified Patient)       Mar 15, 2019

Dr. Kakanar is a wonderful Dentist! I love that we truly cares for his patients and always has a smile in his face.

P. O. (Verified Patient)       Feb 13, 2019

A doctor, a friend and the best professional practice. Pierre

I. O. (Verified Patient)       Feb 06, 2019

We're both very pleased to have you as our new dentist. We will be seeing you very soon!

C. V. (Verified Patient)       Feb 04, 2019

Just a teeth cleaning but good to know I'm on track. Dr. Kakanar very helpful as usual.

P. P. (Verified Patient)      Jan 31, 2019

On time friendly and professional service. Very accommodating with my schedule changes. Dr J is great

Z. M. (Verified Patient)      Jan 30, 2019

Dr. Kakanar is very professional and yet humble, his staff were nice and friendly making our trip to their office comfortable. and easy.

C. J. (Verified Patient)      Jan 29, 2019

I really appreciate the service I received from Dr. Kakanar. I had some sensitivity in my teeth, so I called and I received an appointment the same day. He listened to my concerns. He gave me a thorough exam plus a teeth cleaning. Also he explained to me what may be the cause of the sensitivity. My concerns were eased.

D. D. (Verified Patient)        Oct 03, 2019

S. M. (Verified Patient)         Sep 16, 2019

S. E. (Verified Patient)        Sep 16, 2019

W. E. (Verified Patient)        Sep 03, 2019

M. B. (Verified Patient)        Aug 30, 2019

M. S. (Verified Patient)        Aug 27, 2019

L. C. (Verified Patient)        Aug 27, 2019

D. P. (Verified Patient)         Aug 23, 2019

N. R. (Verified Patient)        Aug 22, 2019

V. N. (Verified Patient)        Aug 21, 2019

A. K. (Verified Patient)         Aug 20, 2019

H. K. (Verified Patient)        Jul 23, 2019

R. J. (Verified Patient)        Jul 23, 2019

J. V. (Verified Patient)        Jul 19, 2019

A. F. (Verified Patient)        Jul 17, 2019

E. U. (Verified Patient)        Jul 12, 2019

K. A. (Verified Patient)        Jul 05, 2019

V. R. (Verified Patient)        Jul 02, 2019

S. H. (Verified Patient)        Jun 29, 2019

N. S. (Verified Patient)         Jun 28, 2019

P. K. (Verified Patient)        Jun 28, 2019

J. J. (Verified Patient)        Jun 26, 2019

J. W. (Verified Patient)        Jun 20, 2019

T. M. (Verified Patient)         Jun 19, 2019

F. M. (Verified Patient)        Jun 14, 2019

J. S. (Verified Patient)        Jun 12, 2019

M. H. (Verified Patient)        Jun 11, 2019

S. A. (Verified Patient)         Jun 11, 2019

Z. F. (Verified Patient)         Jun 07, 2019

H. H. (Verified Patient)         Jun 05, 2019

D. K. (Verified Patient)         May 31, 2019

I. W. (Verified Patient)         May 29, 2019

C. L. (Verified Patient)         May 23, 2019

K. H. (Verified Patient)         May 23, 2019

E. R. (Verified Patient)         May 23, 2019

K. R. (Verified Patient)         May 22, 2019

V. C. (Verified Patient)         May 21, 2019

F. K. (Verified Patient)         May 17, 2019

J. M. (Verified Patient)         May 06, 2019

R. R. (Verified Patient)         May 03, 2019

G. H. (Verified Patient)         Apr 24, 2019

N. R. (Verified Patient)        Apr 24, 2019

D. A. (Verified Patient)         Apr 24, 2019

K. R. (Verified Patient)         Apr 19, 2019

J. J. (Verified Patient)         Apr 17, 2019

I. O. (Verified Patient)         Apr 16, 2019

L. J. (Verified Patient)         Apr 03, 2019

A. C. (Verified Patient)         Apr 01, 2019

J. M. (Verified Patient)         Mar 29, 2019

N. P. (Verified Patient)         Mar 27, 2019

P. B. (Verified Patient)         Mar 27, 2019

S. E. (Verified Patient)         Mar 19, 2019

D. K. (Verified Patient)         Mar 18, 2019

S. B. (Verified Patient)         Mar 14, 2019

V. N. (Verified Patient)         Mar 13, 2019

S. P. (Verified Patient)         Mar 12, 2019

E. D. (Verified Patient)         Mar 12, 2019

E. P. (Verified Patient)         Mar 11, 2019

M. B. (Verified Patient)         Mar 04, 2019

J. J. (Verified Patient)         Feb 27, 2019

D. P. (Verified Patient)         Feb 22, 2019

M. S. (Verified Patient)         Feb 13, 2019

J. W. (Verified Patient)         Feb 12, 2019

V. S. (Verified Patient)         Feb 11, 2019

D. P. (Verified Patient)         Feb 04, 2019

B. S. (Verified Patient)         Jan 25, 2019

A. F. (Verified Patient)         Jan 21, 2019

D. M. (Verified Patient)         Jan 17, 2019

B. W. (Verified Patient)         Jan 16, 2019

A. C. (Verified Patient)         Jan 11, 2019

B. H. (Verified Patient)         Jan 10, 2019

J. M. (Verified Patient)         Jan 10, 2019

V. H. (Verified Patient)         Jan 09, 2019

R. S. (Verified Patient)         Jan 07, 2019

J. C. (Verified Patient)         Jan 01, 2019

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